Central Air Conditioning in Northern California

No matter how much you enjoy the weather in California, the fact that some days can get uncomfortably hot makes it essential to have an efficient cooling system. When the temperature starts to rise, homeowners deserve a cool and comfortable home to escape from the heat.

Even though there are several types of AC systems that you can find on the market, central air conditioning is definitely the most popular. Central air conditioners, also known as split air conditioners, use refrigerant to extract heat from the air inside your house to cool down through the vents.

In North California, maintaining a well-functioning AC unit is necessary. You will need a reputable company if your AC stops working to get it up and running quickly and correctly. Our skilled technicians have the years of experience to address any Air conditioner problem. It’s a good idea to have a professional expert look at your AC system to ensure that it still operates at its full potential.


Having your air conditioner installed by highly skilled and qualified technicians is essential to ensuring that your central air unit lasts you a long time without issues. By inspecting the property before the installation, we make sure the right unit is installed. Choosing the right central air conditioning contractor is just as important as choosing the right system. Make it right the first time by calling Eco-Pro HVAC.


Eco-Pro HVAC’s experienced technicians can recharge the air conditioning unit, de-ice it or complete general repairs. Our years of experience ensures that we will finish the AC repair work with no problems. We also provide emergency services.


Maintaining your central AC is the key to its longevity. Prevent costly repair with regular maintenance and make sure your device is running efficiently with our maintenance services. Have you been noticing a rise in your energy bill or that your AC isn’t cooling like it used to? Schedule a service and contact us today.

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